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Controller rule 34

丽日御茶子, xiao sen
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PS5 controller?More like PuSsy 5 controller lmao.
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DualSense стал лучшим контроллером... ka92.
Контроллер DualSense для PS5 превращают в аниме-девочку - см

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Guess it wouldn't hurt to mod my PS5 controller when I get one. xDpic....
Harley Quinn/Ember McLain/Trixie Lulamoon Twitterissä: "What

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NORD lóri Twitter: "A day at the office Commissioned by @LaggyRR34 #rr34...
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Jesse Faden from Control.
Emerald Weapon - Jesse Faden from Control

Ahora entiendo para que es el diseño del control.#ps5controller #PS5reveal.
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